Neo4j Bloom for Project Teams Browser Based and Multi User Enabled

21 May, 2019

Neo4j Bloom is a graph visualization and exploration product. It offers a code-less search to graph insight experience suitable for end users of a graph-powered application. This enables graph novices and experts, technology and business side to easily collaborate and communicate. In addition, Bloom interprets and runs near natural language queries. Neo4j Bloom 1.1 is the next browser-based version of Bloom. Host it centrally on a server and allow access via a web browser, without the need for a desktop installation. With this update, Bloom makes it easy for project teams to collaborate and communicate using shared views of the same graph. What’s new in version 1.1: Enables Bloom for use by project teams Zero footprint access via modern HTML5 browsers – no local installation necessary Link Bloom to an external application and pass-in context for graph exploration Allow a graph admin to create separate perspectives for different user roles in the team

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