Neo4j Drivers All The Things – Michael Hunger – Twitch Stream

19 Aug, 2020

My Twitch session today is all about connecting to #Neo4j with drivers. Reactive, Types, Performance and other tips Links and details below. We’ll look into examples and API in Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, .Net and others Other drivers are in (Elixir, R, Ruby, Perl, C/C++). Stacks (Spring Data Neo4j, GRANDstack) I narrowed down the performance issue at the end to the javascript driver version with 4.0 vs. 4.1 I got almost the originally measured performance. Links: * Language Guides and non-official drivers * Driver Manual * Graph Examples * Example projects (backends): Mindstand Go OGM/CypherDSL * Weekly sessions on and YouTube live. Follow Michael Hunger on Twitter: Join the Neo4j community forum: See other previous Twitch stream sessions: Check out the Twitch schedule/page:

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