Neo4j for Supply Chain Analytics

22 Jun, 2020

Neo4j is the leader in graph technology. Our customers were among the first to realize that graph technology is essential to optimize the flow of goods, uncover vulnerabilities, and boost overall supply chain resilience. Effectively managing today’s supply chains requires analyzing interdependencies as well as uncovering the kind of hidden risks that cause rippling disruptions. Examples of companies using Neo4j to optimize their supply chains include: U.S. Army – to track equipment maintenance and support Caterpillar – to analyze and automate product maintenance and supply chain management Lockheed Martin Space – to integrate processes and data across the entire product lifecycle Volvo – to align product design with customer requirements Daimler – to understand the skillsets in its workforce to bring together cross hierarchical teams Airbus – to re-invent their maintenance process. Find out more at Thank you for watching!

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