Neo4j Live: A Music Knowledge Graph with GraphAware

19 Jan, 2022

It started with a tweet… The 30 Day Song Challenge. Posting a song with some given properties for 31 days. My musical taste has been breaking recommendations for a while, I oscillate between Schlager and Grindcore, so of course I play this challenge. Luanne, Christophe and I have been related for a while now: It all started with Spring Data Neo4j5 and OGM, on which both have worked as well. I used a musical domain for a long time to introduce SDN ( and I was pleasantly surprised when Christophe picked up the song challenge to put it into a Knowledge Graph, too, using their Hume tooling. Looking forward to see a datamodel similar to one I use in a very dynamic approach. As GraphAware participated in the 30 day song challenge, we took our own data and put it into a Knowledge Graph in Hume. Join us to see how we created and extended it, and all the cool stuff we can now do with this graph, including our GraphQL API GraphAware Hume: GraphAware on Twitter:

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