Neo4j Live: APOC Library Updates

07 Dec, 2022

In this session we will talk about the latest updates regarding the APOC library. We will see some new features, such as: – the ability to all export procedures to compress their data – allow all import procedure to take binary data – read an html generated by js runtime and new interesting procedures: – read / write data via Redis – read / write the Apache Arrow file format – read html as a plain text – detect graph cycles – and more… Repo: 0:00 Intro 8:00 APOC Setup 13:00 Export & import compressed files 21:38 String Compression 23:50 Import & Load Binaries 26:20 Apache Arrow 28:55 APOC Overview Interlude 35:00 Apache Arrow continued 37:05 Load HTML 46:30 Redis 57:15 Detect Cycles 1:00:10 Read file list 1:06:02 Directory Listener 1:11:30 Geocode configuration 1:12:30 Average duration 1:13:15 WrapUp Giuseppe Vilani:
#neo4j #apoc #procedure #java #database #graphdatabase

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