Neo4j Live: BioCypher Trailer #shorts

20 Apr, 2023

Watch live or the recording: Building a knowledge graph for biomedical tasks usually takes months or years. What if you could do it in weeks or days? For this exact reason, BioCypher was created to make the process of creating a biomedical knowledge graph easier than ever, but still flexible and transparent. BioCypher is built around the concept of a “threefold modularity”: modularity of data sources, modularity of structure-giving ontology, and modularity of output formats. This design allows for a high degree of flexibility and reusability, rationalising efforts by leveraging the biomedical community. Links: BioCypher Github Paper: Sebastian Lobentanzer #neo4j #graphdatabase #knowledgegraph #lifescience #biology #biotechnology #healthcare #shorts Music:

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