Neo4j Live: Conversational Artificial Intelligence With Neo4j and Unreal Engine

08 Mar, 2023

We will discuss the use of Neo4j and the Unreal Engine to create conversational artificial intelligence (AI). We will use Neo4j’s graph database to model relationships between different elements of a conversation, such as user input and bot responses, in order to improve the effectiveness of the AI. And then use the Unreal Engine to create realistic chatbot avatars that can interact with users in a more human-like way. We will show how to integrate the Neo4j database with the Unreal Engine, and how this integration can improve the development of chatbots. Antonio Origlia: Blog: Youtube: @fantasia6292 Fantasia: Visit3d: 0:00 Intro 11:30 Conversational AI 52:23 Demo with Unreal Engine 1:18:55 Q&A #graphdatabase #neo4j #unrealengine #conversationalai #ai #artificialintelligence #chatbot

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