Neo4j Live: Easy Graph Visualisations for Data Scientists with yworks

02 Sep, 2022

We’ll show you free tools for the easy visualization of your neo4j graph database contents inside jupyter notebooks. You’ll learn how to use sophisticated automatic graph layouts and advanced styling options to gain quicker insights into your data. Use the graph data science library to analyze your graphs and create beautiful graph visualizations that you can export or share them with your teams as interactive notebooks. Sebastian Müller: yWorks: 0:00 Welcome & Intro 10:05 Graph Visualisations with Jupyter Notebooks 49:25 Data Explorer & App Generator 1:03:45 Wrap-Up yFiles Graphs for Jupyter – Free Plugin for Jupyter Labs to visualize (neo4j) graphs – Neo4j Example Jupyter Notebook DataExplorer for Neo4j – Free Schema and Database Contents Explorer for Neo4j Databases – App Generator – Free Low Code Tool for the creation of Simple Graph Visualization Apps – yFiles – Commercial Graph Visualization Software Library Neo4j&yFiles – overview page that shows how to combine yFiles visualizations with Neo4j databases – Check out for questions and discussions around Neo4j

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