Neo4j Live: Geospatial Data in your Graph

08 Jun, 2023

In this stream we explore some techniques for working with geospatial data in Neo4j. We will cover some basic spatial Cypher functions, spatial search, routing algorithms, and different methods of importing geospatial data into Neo4j. Cheat Sheet: Blog: Will Lyon: 0:00 Intro 9:40 Cheat Sheet 18:50 Geospatial Data with Cypher Overview 24:15 Working with Geospatial Data in Cypher 44:00 Spatial Search & Algorithms 56:20 Using the Python Driver 1:03:30 Visualizing Data with Bloom 1:12:39 WrapUp Will @ NODES / Making Sense of Geospatial Data With Knowledge Graphs: Neo4j Live: Normalized Categorization of Multisource Geolocated Data by Veronique Gendner: Indexes in Neo4j: APOC Python Driver Training Series – Build A Routing Web Application #neo4j #graphdatabase #geospatial #geography #visualisation #visualization #map

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