Neo4j Live: Graph Algorithms for Data Science

09 Apr, 2024

Graphs are the natural way to represent and understand connected data. This book explores the most important algorithms and techniques for graphs in data science, with concrete advice on implementation and deployment. You don’t need any graph experience to start benefiting from this insightful guide. These powerful graph algorithms are explained in clear, jargon-free text and illustrations that makes them easy to apply to your own projects. Guest: Tomaz Bratanic Book: 35% off with code: au35bra Blog: Neo4j Graph Data Science: Sandbox Code Examples: 0:00 Intro 15:20 Chapter Overview 24:25 Chapter 1 34:30 Graph Algorithms with Twitter Dataset 43:00 Relationships between entities ( co-occurance) 52:10 Q&A 1:00:30 Wrap-Up #neo4j #graphdatabase #datascience #algorithm #python

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