Neo4j Live: Graph Data Processing with Cypher

25 Jan, 2023

While it is easy to learn and understand the Cypher declarative language for querying graph databases, it can be very difficult to master it. As graph databases are becoming more mainstream, there is a dearth of content and guidance for developers to leverage database capabilities fully. This book fills the information gap by describing graph traversal patterns in a simple and readable way. This book provides a guided tour of Cypher from understanding the syntax, building a graph data model, and loading the data into graphs to building queries and profiling the queries for best performance. It introduces APOC utilities that can augment Cypher queries to build complex queries. You’ll also be introduced to visualization tools such as Bloom to get the most out of the graph when presenting the results to the end users. After having worked through this book, you’ll have become a seasoned Cypher query developer with a good understanding of the query language and how to use it for the best performance. Book: 0:00 Intro 6:35 Why was the book written? 10:20 For whom was it written 16:40 In-depth look at the book – Chapter 3: Data Modelling 22:45 Chapter 4 & 5: Cypher Queries 32:10 Chapter 6: List Expressions 33:30 Advanced Cyhper Concepts – Chapter 7-9 34:43 Chapter 10: APOC 36:13 Chapter 11: Ecosystem 37:33 Chapter 12: Tips & Tricks 38:20 Q&A 1:00:55 Wrap-Up #neo4j #cypher #book #data #dataprocessing

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