Neo4j Live: Graph Data Science 2.0

05 May, 2022

With the new Graph Data Science Release we want to give a technical overview of the major changes and addition to the library! 0:00 Welcome & Intro 7:10 Graph Data Science 2.0 14:20 GDS Sandbox and Python Driver with Google Colab 46:35 Graph Algorithms 54:00 ML Pipelines 1:00:50 Infrastructure 1:05:00 Wrap-Up Colab Notebook: Neo4j Graph Data Science: Blog: Graph Data Science Documentation: Nathan Smith Blog: Tomaz Bratanic Blog: Graph Algorithms for Data Science: – The new Python driver – Projecting graphs (Change from gds.graph.create syntax, Cypher aggregations, Subgraphs) – Algorithm changes (Reorganized similarity functions, Path finding, depth first search ML models) – Infrastructure (AuraDS, Cluster support, Backup and restore GDS graphs and models)

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