Neo4j Live: Improve crime investigations with effective visualization

15 Jun, 2022

With Alex Law: We will dive into how graphs empower digital investigations through visualization, starting with Neo4j’s pre-built sandbox and its underlying POLE (Person, Object, Location, Event) data model. This graph story will highlight how digital investigations can be driven by effective visualization. 0:00 Intro & Welcome 5:55 Kineviz Overview 10:50 Demo with Neo4j Sandbox 38:00 Geospacial view 52:49 Q&A 1:01:00 Wrap-Up More on Kineviz: Sign up for free GraphXR account: How-To GraphXR Tutorial Videos: Visual Query Builder: Building Basic Cypher Queries: Neo4j Sandbox & GraphXR: AuraDB & GraphXR: GraphXR Help Center: Bonus: Check out our analysis of the 2020 US Presidential Election:

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