Neo4j Live: Infrastructure Mapping

22 Feb, 2023

During this live stream we show an approach to map out and visualize software and infrastructure. Specifically Akamai Endpoints (aka FQDNs) and how they relate to vulnerabilities (eg. OpenSSL vulnerability). Discover how to use Neo4j, a graph database management system, and Akamai, a content delivery network, to map and visualize an organization’s external attack surface. By leveraging Akamai’s APIs to extract data about the organization’s web properties and domain registrations, and then storing and querying the data in Neo4j, Chad demonstrates how to create a graph-based visualization of the attack surface that can be used to identify vulnerabilities and plan mitigation strategies. Code snippets: Blog: Security and Velocity Through Declarative Ingestion – NODES2022 – Zach Probst: 0:00 Intro 2:29 About Chad & Zach 5:25 Path to Graph 12:20 Cybersecurity & Software Vulnerabilities 21:00 Data Ingestion 28:50 Working across departments 30:00 Data Visualisation 33:20 Database as a Service 38:00 Cybersecurity Discoveries 40:50 Next Steps 43:27 Open Source 47:30 Q&A 52:10 WrapUp Chad Cloes on LinkedIn: Zach Probst: #neo4j #graphdatabase #akamai #infrastructure #visualization #vulnerability #cybersecurity

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