Neo4j Live: Inspiring Women’s Journeys in Tech

01 Mar, 2023

What are the motivations and experiences of women working in technical fields? In addition, what are the cultural challenges women technical experts are facing in an industry that continues to be male-dominated? Join AJ Kincaid, Sydney Beckett, Alison Cossette, Emily Raun-Petersen and Yolande Poirier as they discuss the day-to-day reality of working in tech today. You will learn tips about how you too can thrive in tech and what drives them to stay in their chosen field. Host: Yolande Poirier, Senior Manager, Developer Community Empowering IT professionals to navigate and adopt complex solutions – especially for application development, the Java platform and cloud solutions. Yolande has been very successful creating user-centric content and programs resulting in an explosion of engagement across channels. Panel: AJ Kincaid, Technical Support Engineer Alison Cossette, Data Science Advocate Proven Enterprise AI leader with a track record of navigating value vs. complexity in project prioritization. History of data product development in varied verticals. Emily Raun-Petersen, Technical Recruiter Sydney „Syd“ Beckett, Pre-Sales Engineer Experienced graph enthusiast with a demonstrated history of working with clients/customers to build graph-based solutions.

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