Neo4j Live: Knowledge Graph Builder App

23 Apr, 2024

Let’s turn PDF documents into dynamic knowledge graphs stored in Neo4j with an easy to use app! This innovative application harnesses the formidable capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT and Diffbot LLM to seamlessly extract nodes, relationships, and properties from PDF text content. Using the advanced Langchain framework, we transform this information into a structured knowledge graph, empowering you to visualize and explore your data like never before. Learn how to effortlessly upload files from your local machine or S3 bucket and select the perfect LLM model to craft your knowledge graph. Guests: Niels De Jong & Morgan Senechal, Neo4j Github: Neo4j GenAI: Neo4j GenAI Ecosystem: Neo4j AuraDB: Public App: 0:00 Intro 8:30 Neo4j + LLMs 15:30 Knowledge Graph Builder 24:25 Demo 48:20 Summary 51:00 Q&A 1:02:35 Wrap-Up #neo4j #graphdatabase #llm #knowledgegraph #langchain #openai #pdf #graphrag

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