Neo4j Live: Neo4j VS Code Extension

15 Feb, 2023

Run Cypher Without Leaving Your IDE With Neo4j VSCode Extension The Neo4j VS Code Extension was created to solve common pain points such as difficulty in copying and pasting Cypher statements, difficulty in debugging, incomplete code highlighting packages, and having too many windows open at once. The extension provides a status bar menu to list connections and allows users to run commands to execute queries against the database. It also registers Cypher as a language and provides highlighting, auto-closing bracket pairs, and a subset of common Cypher code snippets. Adam Cowley: Blog: Extension: Github: Neo4j Training Series in March: 0:00 Intro 7:19 Neo4j VS Code Extension 13:40 Installation 14:45 Managing Database Connections 21:50 Run Cypher Statements 25:50 Parameter Management 34:45 App Building with VS Code 43:15 Q&A 59:00 Wrap-Up #neo4j #graphdatabase #database #visualstudio #vscode

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