Neo4j Live: OpenSanctions

15 Mar, 2023

OpenSanctions is an open-source project that provides a structured database of people and entities that are subject to sanctions or other financial restrictions. The database is curated by a team of researchers and journalists, and is designed to be easily accessible and usable by individuals, organizations, and governments. The data includes information on individuals, organizations, and vessels that are subject to sanctions, as well as the legal frameworks and sanctions regimes that apply to them. OpenSanctions is intended to help individuals and organizations comply with international sanctions laws, as well as to facilitate research and investigative journalism into financial crime and corruption. The project is open-source and encourages contributions from the community to improve and expand the database. Friedrich Lindenberg: Interview: Web: Github: Follow the Money: OpenOwnership: OpenScreening: Offshore Leaks: 0:00 Intro 2:05 On Investigative Journalism 21:58 OpenSanctions Demo 41:40 OpenScreening Demo 50:55 Behind the Scenes in Neo4j 59:00 Q&A #neo4j #graphdatabase #sanctions #fraud #finance #taxevasion

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