Neo4j Live: Personal Knowledge Vault with Neo4j GraphRAG

03 Jul, 2024

Explore how to build a Personal Knowledge Vault using Neo4j’s GraphRAG pattern. Discover how to transform website URLs into structured graph documents, enabling advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). This session will demonstrate the integration of Neo4j, FASTapi, Celery, and RabbitMQ to create an efficient, scalable knowledge management system. Guest: Mike Morley Github Repo: Mike on Medium: Mike Morley on LinkedIn: 0:00 – Introduction and Greetings 1:00 – Overview of Personal Knowledge Vault 1:53 – Mike Murly Introduction and Role 3:33 – Challenges in Managing Complex Data 5:56 – Schema Flexibility in Neo4j 7:29 – Demo Introduction and Community Interaction 13:04 – Combining LLMs and Graph Databases 17:23 – Capturing and Processing Documents 23:42 – Using Celery for Background Processing 30:42 – Demonstration of AI-Powered Data Entry 57:13 – Future Development and Enhancements 59:02 – Community Questions and Closing Remarks 1:03:17 – Additional Resources and Upcoming Events #neo4j #graphdatabase #graphrag #rag #genai #llm #knowledgegraph #knowledge

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