Neo4j Live: Solving GraphQL challenges with 3Edges

23 Nov, 2022

GraphQL keeps gaining popularity, with close to 30% of developers using the API language, and adoption still growing, its usefulness is definitively seen by many. Yet new or would-be adopters soon realize that with greater flexibility come bigger headaches, such as security and access control, caching and everything in the “how to prevent queries from bringing the backend services down” category. In this session we will describe the issues and propose ways to solve them using known patterns, tips, techniques and tools. Alex Babeanu on Twitter: 3edges: Github: Getting Started: 0:00 Intro 7:50 Overview 17:15 GraphQL Challenges 38:10 3Edges Demo 1:03:25 Q&A #graphdatabase #neo4j #graphql #bestpractice

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