Neo4j Live: Wardley Mapping with Neo4j

09 Jan, 2023

If we detach ourselves a little from the familiar, purely visual way of working with Wardley Maps, we are presented with new avenues for evaluation. By transferring a Wardley map into a graph database, it is possible to analyse and interpret it with structured queries. This facilitates their evaluation and allows for automated recognition of patterns. Tom Asel on twitter: on Mastodon: Blog: Wardley Map: Online Wardley Maps: Parsley: Awesome List: 0:00 Intro 8:40 Wardley Mapping Overview 24:50 Q&A on Wardley Maps 30:00 Wardley Map Examples 36:50 Q&A 40:50 Parsley – Wardley Maps in Neo4j 51:00 Q&A 58:05 Wrap-Up #wardley #map #wardleymap #neo4j #graphdatabase #visualization

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