Neo4j Online Meetup #35: Get insights into text using graph visualization

04 May, 2018

A word. On its own it’s just a signifier. When there’s a few words, they produce a meaning. Those meanings weave together and produce a text. It is no wonder that “text” and “textile” come from the same Latin root “text-“, which means “woven”. Network is the perfect metaphor to understand the inner making of text. To visualise the meaning, to see what the text is made of, how it operates, and — ultimately — to understand how we think. In this session we will present the methodology and the open-source tool for text network visualisation and non-linear reading called InfraNodus, which is based on Node.Js and Neo4J. We will talk about the way it works, the technical aspects, the challenges, and the perspectives. We will also discuss the effect the graph metaphor has on perception (based on our research and data), which may be interesting not only for people interested in TNA but also for anyone interested in networks as an heuristic tool.

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