Neo4j Online Meetup #38: Text Analytics With Neo4j Graph Database

21 Jun, 2018

Every project has thousands of decisions that go into creating an outcome. Every building has thousands of building information models associated with it. Every mining operation or oil and gas well has countless activities and events that have occurred on the site. These decisions, drawings, models and events tell a story about the work that was done, the people who were involved and the outcomes that were created. Right now, it is very difficult for organizations to access this rich history because it is spread across the many different systems, databases and filestores organizations must use to run their operations. Menome Technologies will discuss how the combination of multi-agent systems, probabilistic topic modelling and neo4j make it possible harvest and link an organization’s data together to create a knowledge graph that makes it easy for people to understand the work they do, the place it was done and the value it produced.

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