NODES 2022 Best Of! Day 6

22 Dec, 2022

Watch the top rated sessions from NODES during our re-runs! These are recorded sessions from NODES 2022. More videos from NODES: 1) Tracing Your Data’s DNA – James Bowkett As data becomes ubiquitous and deeply interconnected, tracing where, who or which system that data comes from – its lineage – will create bigger problems and opportunities for us on the horizon: • How can we trust this document/row of data? what is its lineage? where did it come from? • If there is a problem with a piece of data, how do we recalculate and publish just the affected data and not the entire dataset? • How can we apply modern engineering practices – such as blue-green deployments – to our data estate and data pipelines? Furthermore, as our data estate becomes ever-more business-critical, it will be important to be able to secure that data from its source system all the way through the estate, using techniques such as field+row level security (aka cell-based security). In this talk I will use live demos and coding examples to explore some techniques of how to create the data lineage graph of individual rows or documents using Change Data Capture (CDC) in source systems. We will store the lineage graph within a graph Database to start with, then explore how other types of database could be used instead. This will create a lineage catalogue that can be queried for all manner of use cases, such as incremental data batch operations, blue-green deployments and “cell-based security” of data fields. Speakers: James Bowkett Slides: 2) Cymple Cypher Modular Pythonic Language Extension – Roei Levi In this session, we will introduce the Neo4j community to Cymple, a new open-source Python package. Cymple creates neat, reusable Cypher queries with auto-completion in Python. We will show you how “Cymple” it is to write your queries in Python. If you have been working with Cypher, while writing Python code, this package could be just what you need. See more at This session is intended for both beginner and advanced Cypher users. Speakers: Roei Levi Slides: 3) Towards Real-time Knowledge Graphs for Non-Player Characters in Games – Owen Brierley This session discusses the development of a Neo4j plugin for Epic Game’s Unreal Engine to allow for communications between a game environment’s players and non-player characters. This demonstration will show how game design researchers have implemented the use of Neo4j as a tool for creating long-term memory and knowledge for non-player characters, player performance recording, and other applications. Speakers: Owen Brierley

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