NODES 2023 – Create Graph Dashboards With LLM Powered Natural Language Queries

02 Nov, 2023

In this session, Niels will demonstrate how to use NeoDash and OpenAI to create Neo4j dashboards with natural language. Using a brand new plugin, you can visualize Neo4j data in tables, graphs, maps, and more – without writing any Cypher! The session is divided into three parts: 1. Getting started with NeoDash, an open-source tool for visualizing Neo4j data. 2. How to set up the natural language queries extension with OpenAI. 3. Tips and tricks for prompting. After this session, you’ll be able to start using NeoDash to visualize your graph faster than ever, combining the power of Cypher and LLMs. Slides: #Intermediate #Visualization #LLM #Cypher #General #graphdatascience #Neo4j #LLMs

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