NODES 2023 – Cyberattack Countermeasures Generation With LLMs & Knowledge Graphs

06 Nov, 2023

Cybersecurity frameworks offer valuable guidance for addressing vulnerabilities, but their generic nature often requires additional expertise to implement them effectively. This creates a significant gap that needs to be addressed. This presentation showcases an innovative solution that automatically identifies concrete countermeasures from vulnerability descriptions and generates comprehensive step-by-step guides. Using a hybrid approach of generative Large Language Models (LLMs) and knowledge graphs powered by NeoSemantics, Gal will demonstrate how this methodology bridges the divide, enabling practitioners to apply cybersecurity recommendations to real-world use cases seamlessly. You’ll learn how to enhance cybersecurity practices using AI and automation. Visit #Advanced #Security # KnowledgeGraph #NLP #AI #LLMS #KnowledgeGraph #recommendations #AI #Neo4j #LLM #knowledgegraphs

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