NODES 2023 – Data Population, Analysis, and Visualization Over the SustainGraph

14 Mar, 2024

The SustainGraph is a knowledge graph that hosts data related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) tracking the progress towards their achievement at national and regional levels. It’s under development in the framework of the ARSINOE H2020 project. This session will present data population mechanisms to the SustainGraph, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) techniques through the development of an open-source Python library called sdg-detector. You’ll be introduced to a novel approach that uses large language models (LLMs), enabling natural language querying over the knowledge graph. Considering the importance of user-friendly visualizations in enhancing data comprehension and analysis of the data within the SustainGraph, you’ll also see a Visualization Kit as a tool to effectively present data and complex relationships from the SustainGraph in an illustrative manner, promoting understanding and supporting decision-making processes.

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