NODES 2023 – Fast Low-Code Application Development With Structr

14 Mar, 2024

With version 5, Structr has made a breakthrough in helping users by adding a complete range of integrated low-code tools with the new Event Action Mapping, so that interactive frontends can be created without extensive programming knowledge. For the first time, a web-based IDE makes it possible to fully map the end-to-end event chain triggered by the user in an individual front-end, through the business logic to the manipulation and persistence of data, and back again to control the front-end. This is only made possible by using a graph database like Neo4j. In this talk, Axel, co-founder and CEO of Structr, will develop a complete web application, drawing on the extensive function library, among other things. He will also present how individual business logic can be mapped in different scripting languages and linked to database objects. This functionality is based on the integrated JVM (Java Virtual Machine) GraalVM, which allows scripting, e.g., in JavaScript, PHP, Python, R, or Ruby.

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