NODES 2023: Solving (Historical) Research Issues With NeoDash

25 Oct, 2023

In this session, Guido will present how using NeoDash visualization in conjunction with a graph database can be a powerful tool for tackling intricate problems in historical and scientific research. Data in these fields are often scattered across the globe, residing in online databases with unique structures and semantics or only partially digitized within books. The task of linking these diverse sources with Linked Open Data presents its challenges. Guido will introduce the “superconnector” – a knowledge graph designed to consolidate these disparate data sources, enhancing accessibility for researchers. The project to be discussed involves the compilation of data for 3,700 printers and publishers into well-structured profiles. By joining this session, you will gain a forward-looking perspective on leveraging graph databases and visualization tools to address research complexities. Watch all NODES 2023 sessions: #neo4j #graphdatabase #nodes2023 #research

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