NODES 2023 – Visualizing Infrastructure Data With Neo4j and CloudQuery

07 Nov, 2023

True security visibility now requires many data sources: CI/CD tools, platform-as-a-service tools, underlying cloud providers, and infrastructure data. Often this data can be disjointed and scattered across many different security solutions. These disparate sources often require subject matter experts, which results in a lack of shared visibility and clarity across the infrastructure. In this session, Jason and Yevgeny will demonstrate how to apply ideas from data-engineering best practices such as ELT and Data Lakes to build an “”Infrastructure Data Platform”” and visualize infrastructure data. With this Infrastructure Data Platform, you can build real-world data apps and DIY custom examples, including CSPM, Asset Inventory, and Attack Surface Management (ASM) using standard and open-source tools, including Neo4j and CloudQuery. #Intermediate #Security #Network #Neo4j

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