Picture This: How AIG Visualizes Propagation of Risk – Deborah Baron & Jim Barrett

09 Jan, 2019

What if you could see the true path of risk and a comprehensive diagram of dependencies that impact outcomes before it spreads throughout the organization’s ecosystem? Find out how AIG, a global insurance company, is using Neo4j and Tom Sawyer Perspectives to visualize risk propagation before it spreads throughout the firm’s infrastructure. Learn why they chose graph technologies for the repository and visualization layers rather than legacy systems to create transparency and reduce risk propagation. Jim Barrett, AIG, will also discuss visualization of risk and data flows and how they provide a much quicker and more comprehensive understanding of complexity and propagation of risk than textual documentation. Deborah Baron, VP of Marketing at Tom Sawyer Software and Jim Barrett, Assistant Director at ERM AIG. #DataVisualization #RiskManagement #GraphConnect

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