Predicting Fraud: 5-Minute Interview with Marius Hartmann

21 Sep, 2020

“There’s a risk that your fraud detection becomes anecdotal because you become accustomed to certain addresses or names. You risk emphasizing the small-time fraudsters instead of the clever ones. The clever ones are the ones that don’t usually get caught,” said Marius Hartmann, Chief Advisor, Danish Business Authority. The best time to stop a fraudulent business is at the very beginning, when the business registers with the government. That’s the role of the Danish Business Authority, where the team uses graph data science to predict fraud and stores detailed data about every decision in a graph database for later review. In this week’s five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour NYC 2019), we speak with Marius Hartmann, Chief Advisor, Danish Business Authority, about how they use graph data science to fight fraud. #neo4j #graphdatabase #financialfraud

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