RAG with a Neo4j Knowledge Graph: How it Works and How to Set It Up

18 Dec, 2023

In this video, Philipp Brunenberg explains how RAG (retrieval augmented generation) with a Neo4j Knowledge Graph works and how we can set it up on your laptop. He’ll also give a brief introduction on how we can customize the code from the Gen-AI Stack. We’ll cover: What is RAG? How does RAG with a Neo4j Knowledge Graph work? What are the benefits of using RAG & Neo4j? How can I set up RAG with Neo4j using a Llama2 model and the GenAI Stack? Links: GenAI Walkthrough: https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/genai-app-how-to-build/ Neo4j & GenAI: https://neo4j.com/generativeai/ Github Repo: https://github.com/docker/genai-stack RAG Blogs: https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/tagged/retrieval-augmented-generation/ LLM Blogs: https://neo4j.com/developer-blog/tagged/llm/ @philippbrunenberg https://www.philipp-brunenberg.de/ 00:00 Introduction 00:29 What is RAG? 02:09 The Neo4j Vector Store 03:03 Augmenting LLM answers with RAG 04:50 Using the GenAI-Stack 06:37 GenAI-Stack Configuration 08:08 The compose file 09:47 Loading data into Neo4j 11:59 Using the chat frontend 15:30 Conclusion #neo4j #graphdatabase #knowledgegraph #langchain #genai #rag #ollama

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