RDBMS to Graph — Praveena Fernandes, Neo4j

15 Nov, 2017

With success stories of Neo4j, more people are eager to adopt Graph databases. More often than not, we get asked how do we begin migrating a relational database. Over the course of last few months, I have been working on an in house tool to help with this process. Predefined schema often restricts simple alterations later in development. However, when you are used to schemas and structuring your data, schema optional databases like Neo4j can seem quite intimidating. At its core an entity relationship diagram is a (meta)-graph. That allows us to apply a few simple rules to transform normalised relational schemas into a reasonable graph model. Attend this talk if you’d like to see how to use neo4j-etl tool to import a MySql database into Neo4j by applying a few simple rules. I’ll also cover the lessons that I learnt about schemas and their common patterns along the way. Speaker: Praveena Fernandes, Software Engineer, Neo4j Location: GraphConnect NYC 2017

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