Spring Data Neo4j 4.x – Interview with Luanne Misquitta of GraphAware

09 Aug, 2019

Bryce Merkl Sasaki of Neo4j interviews Luanne Misquitta, Senior Consultant at GraphAware, during Graph Connect Europe 2016. Luanne Misquitta talks about Spring Data Neo4j 4.x, a completely rewritten version of SDN to support a high performance object/graph map. Version 4.1 supports both an embedded library as well as Bolt, the new binary protocol for Neo4j. Spring Data Neo4j 4.x also separates the core object-mapping library from Spring. Now you can use the Neo4j OGM to map the graph to a domain model, entities and business logic– whether you use Spring or not. Luanne was drawn to Neo4j initially through the need to write HR management software which wasn’t being handled well by the Oracle RDBMS. After looking at column stores, they settled on a graph database as the right solution. Luanne also gave a complete talk called “Building Spring Data Neo4j 4.1 Applications Like a Superhero ” [31:54]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqCqurf79bM

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