Stop Complex Fraud in its Tracks with Neo4j

30 Mar, 2017

Alessandro Svensson, Head of Neo4j Solutions Lab, with Navneet Mathur, Global Solutions, and Ryan Boyd, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j:Financial Services firms are having difficulty with traditional fraud prevention measures that focus on discrete data points such as specific accounts, individuals, devices or IP addresses. However, today’s sophisticated fraudsters escape detection by using sophisticated techniques like card testing, masquerading as a legitimate merchant, skimming cards at vulnerable merchants, forming fraud rings comprised of stolen and synthetic identities, etc. To uncover such fraud rings, it is essential to look beyond individual data points to the connections that link them. Big Data Platforms and Data Science teams have been deployed to get rid of this menace but it takes weeks and months to uncover these patterns leading to high risk levels and inability to catch the fraudsters before they move on. Join this webinar to find out why enterprise organizations use Neo4j to augment their existing fraud detection capabilities to combat a variety of financial crimes – and doing so in real-time.

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