Training Series – Full Stack GraphQL In The Cloud

16 Mar, 2022

Third session: Full Stack GraphQL In The Cloud With Neo4j Aura, Next.js, & Vercel Slides: In this workshop we will build and deploy a full stack GraphQL application using Next.js, Neo4j, and Vercel. Using a knowledge graph of news articles we will first build a GraphQL API using Next.js API routes and the Neo4j GraphQL Library. Next, we focus on the front-end, exploring how to use GraphQL for data fetching with a Next.js application. Lastly, we explore how to add personalization and content recommendation in our GraphQL API to serve relevant articles to our users, then deploy our application to the cloud using Vercel and Neo4j Aura. During this hands-on training we will explore: – Next.js overview and getting started with Next.js – API Routes with Next.js & building a GraphQL API – Using the Neo4j GraphQL Library – Working with Apollo Client and GraphQL data fetching in Next.js – Deploying with Vercel and Neo4j Aura 3:25 Introduction to Neo4j AuraDB 11:42 What is graph? 15:00 What is a knowledge graph? 17:11 Hands-on with Neo4j Aura & Cypher 42:04 Building GraphQL APIs 55:00 GraphQL Playground Demo 1:01:00 Let’s Build Our Own GraphQL API! 1:13:00 Demo – Data Model in Arrow 1:15:30 Introduction to Next.js 1:17:00 Demo – Working with GraphQL in Next.js 1:38:00 Demo – Vercel

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