Training Series – Graph Databases versus SQL for Data Science

23 Mar, 2022

Fourth session: Graph Databases versus SQL for Data Science: Identifying ‘Graph-y’ Problems in Your Data Links: Repository: Slides: Sandbox: Bite-Sized Neo4j for Data Scientists: Follow Clair: 0:00 Welcome 8:00 Intro to Graph Data Science 50:00 Q&A Intermezzo 1:01:35 Graph Data Science Hands-on 1:57:10 Summary and Closing Description A frequent question from data scientists is “why would I want to use a graph database when I can do all of what I need to do in SQL?” In some cases an RDBMS is a fine solution. However, there are many times that your data is a graph, even though it might not be immediately recognizable as such. This course walks through how to identify whether a problem is actually a graph and the benefits of analyzing that way rather than traditional using traditional SQL.

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