Training Series – Introduction to Neo4j

14 Mar, 2024

This session is designed to show you the basics of Neo4j by explaining the core concepts of graph databases, such as nodes, relationships, properties, and labels. We demonstrate how they offer a more intuitive and flexible approach to data than traditional relational databases. The workshop will include hands-on exercises to introduce you to Cypher, Neo4j’s query language. You will learn how to write Cypher queries to efficiently create, query, update, and delete data in a Neo4j database. This should get you started to explore the possibilities of graph databases further and apply your new knowledge to real-world scenarios, making it an ideal starting point for developers, data scientists, and technology enthusiasts interested in deploying the capabilities of Neo4j. Trainer: Martin O’Hanlon, Neo4j Slide: Cypher Manual: Constraints: Vectors: GraphAcademy: #neo4j #graphdatabase #workshop #training #database

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