Training Series: Neo4j Aura Free

14 Sep, 2021

Interested in testing a project, building a proof-of-concept, or playing with a graph database – all without handling database administration yourself? Neo4j Aura (free tier) is the option for this and so much more, without any fees or costs of any kind to you! Useful links: – Neo4j Aura Free: – Slides: – Article on relational versus graph databases: 2:17 Demo – Setting Up Neo4j Aura Free 7:52 What is graph? 9:34 Relational Databases 11:39 Graph Context and Meaning 13:00 Use Cases 21:12 What makes up a graph? 23:38 Cypher query language. 26:41 AuraDB 35:21 Hands-on #2 36:05 Demo Explore Aura console: Console tabs & Database tabs 52:17: Import with AuraDB 55:44: Hands-on #3: Repo import: Aura console: open Browser Explore data with queries 1:18:58 Neo4j Bloom 1:40:29 Connect to the Database 1:41:39 Hands-on #5 Open Neo4j Desktop, Aura console: copy Connection URI Desktop: Add remote instance 1:48:17 Cypher Shell 1:50:14 Hands-on 6: Open Neo4j Desktop, Open Graph Apps Gallery, Review graph apps 1:54:39 Applications with Aura 1:55:15 Hands-on 7: Aura console: Instance console, Connect tab

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