Using a Graph Data Model at Toy Manufacturer Schleich- Dr Andreas Weber

02 May, 2016

Semantic PIM: Using a Graph Data Model at Toy Manufacturer Schleich: To efficiently manage its complex and heterogeneous data across its entire international supply chain, Schleich, a famous German toy manufacturer, was looking for a more agile, easier and simpler Product Information Management (PIM) solution. Enter Neo4j: Schleich used the leading graph database as the core database for its new semantic MDM solution, benefiting from its high scalability, agility and performance. The solution enables the development of a semantic data model even in the design stage. Departments throughout the company can easily access all relevant data in real time via specifically-tailored apps. With this graph based system Schleich is now even better able to meet the high quality requirements and country-specific safety regulations in the toy industry.

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