Week 5 – Adventures with a wine data set with Lju Lazarevic – Twitch stream

28 Jul, 2020

Part a weekly series on working with a wine data set, Lju looks at the data in question, talks about various modelling thought processes, as well as thinking about importing the data. This week we looked at: – Removing the old, incorrect data and finally sorting the wine years – Asking questions such as: – Which year was the most popular for wine? – Which winery has the most wines for a year – Getting rid of some discovered duplicates You can following along with code, documentation and a running commentary from here: https://r.neo4j.com/wine-repo. Follow Lju on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ellazal Join the Neo4j community forum: https://community.neo4j.com See other previous Twitch stream sessions: https://r.neo4j.com/twitch-playlist Check out the Twitch schedule/page: https://www.twitch.tv/neo4j_/about

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