Why Leading Telecoms Use Neo4j: The 5-Minute Interview with Jesús Barrasa

01 Jul, 2020

“Neo4j not only gives you an accurate and timely representation of your network with all the services and all the elements involved in the delivery of those services, but it’s also a platform where you can build logic that will simplify and accelerate automation,” said Jesús Barrasa, Global Director of Telecoms at Neo4j. A graph database like Neo4j allows for much greater flexibility than a traditional relational database, and this is especially true in the telecom world, where the flexibility of the graph data model supports rapid evolution and innovation. In this week’s five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour NYC 2019), Jesús Barrasa shares his thoughts on why he appreciates the flexibility of the model, how he is amazed by the performance of graphs and the benefits of graph technology in the telecom space. #neo4j #graphdatabase #connecteddata #telecoms #graphdatamodel

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