GraphStuff.FM Podcast: Will It Graph? Identifying A Good Fit For Graph Databases

13 Apr, 2021

How do you know when the application you’re building is a good fit for a graph database? How do graph databases work under the hood and how is this different from relational databases? What use cases are NOT a good fit for a graph database? Join Lju and Will as we answer these questions, exploring how the graph native architecture of Neo4j lends itself to solving graphy problems and how to identify a graph-shaped problem. * Get started with Neo4j Sandbox: * Join the graph community April 15th at Global Graph Celebration Day: * Register for the Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit (NODES): * Chat with the Neo4j community on Discord: * Subscribe to the GraphStuff.FM podcast: 00:00 – 02:12 Introduction 02:12 – 09:38 Comparing Graph Native & RDBMS 09:38 – 29:50 What are good and poor fits for graph native? 29:50 – 41:08 Graph native as a general-purpose database

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