Working With a Real-World Dataset in Neo4j – Import and Modeling

22 Mar, 2017

William Lyon, Developer Relations Engineer, Neo4j:This webinar will cover how to work with a real world dataset in Neo4j, with a focus on how to build a graph from an existing dataset (in this case a series of JSON files). We will explore how to performantly import the data into Neo4j – both in the case of an initial import and scaling writes for your graph application. We will demonstrate different approaches for data import (neo4j-import, LOAD CSV, and using the official Neo4j drivers), and discuss when it makes to use each import technique. If you’ve ever asked these questions, then this webinar is for you! – How do I design a property graph model for my domain? – How do I use the official Neo4j drivers? – How can I deal with concurrent writes to Neo4j? – How can I import JSON into Neo4j?

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