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Neo4j: Exploring the Impact of Graph Technology on Financial Services: An overview into Rabobank’s Innovative Graph Technology Implementation in battling Financial Economic Crime

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, the role of technology is pivotal in driving innovation and efficiency. Graph Technology has emerged as a powerful tool, offering unique capabilities to uncover hidden insights, streamline processes, and comply with for CDD-, Fraud-… Read more →

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Neo4j: Unlocking New Possibilities in Generative AI with Neo4j and AWS

How can you overcome the top issues seen with GenAI for the enterprise, from data quality to ethical concerns? Get the answers in this 35-minute fireside chat with experts from Enterprise Strategy Group, AWS, and Neo4j.

IA Générative et Graphes Neo4j : RAG Time

IA Générative et Graphes Neo4j : RAG Time Nicolas Rouyer, Consultant Presales, Neo4j

Neo4j: Improved Results with Vector Search in Knowledge Graphs

Join us for this transformative 45-minute webinar where we’ll delve into the world of vector search in AI-generated results. Learn how to integrate this cutting-edge technology with Neo4j, enhance your data, and gain unparalleled insights.

BeTrend: Building a Trend Aggregation Machine with Graph Technology

Pegasus: Unlocking the Power of Knowledge Graphs in New Drug Research at Servier

Pegasus: Unlocking the Power of Knowledge Graphs in New Drug Research at Servier

Neo4j: A Fireside Chat: Graph Innovations in GenAI, LLMs, and What's Ahead

Join this 45-minute session with Neo4j’s Chief Product Officer to get an overview of Neo4j’s innovations in 2023, including real-world applications and GenAI/LLM integrations – plus a sneak peek of what lies ahead in 2024.

Neo4j: Transforming Healthcare With Generative AI and Knowledge Graphs

Join this 45-minute session to discover how knowledge graphs and generative AI are reshaping the healthcare landscape, from personalized patient care to robot-assisted surgeries.

BeTrend – Building a Trend Aggregation Machine with Graph Technology

Social media is the space where trends can be spotted most quickly. Watch this webinar recording featuring Marcus Koring from Bertelsmann and Thorsten Liebig from Derivo, to learn how Bertelsmann leverages a graph-based approach to aggregate data from different sources. This helps them better identify trends and use them for the selection and enrichment of media content.

Revolutionizing Data Management: Försäkringskassan's Journey with Neo4j

Having introduced Neo4j for specific applications over time, Försäkringskassan, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, is now leaning heavily on Neo4j as a central component in their data management platform. Frode Randers, IT Architect at Försäkringskassan shares insights on how they are becoming more data and customer-centric, leveraging Neo4j in this webinar recording.

Seamlessly Transforming Graph Data Models: AppsFlyer's Successful Journey

Watch this insightful webinar that delves into the successful journey of AppsFlyer, a leading mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform, in seamlessly transforming their graph data models without disrupting their business operations. During this session, Moran Shimshila and Ido Faran share valuable insights into the strategies, techniques, and best practices employed by AppsFlyer to seamlessly transition their graph data models. Discover how they effectively managed data migration, optimized performance, and maintained uninterrupted service for their clients throughout the process.

Unleashing Data Exposition and Digital Twin Innovation with Airbus Helicopters

The aerospace industry is undergoing a profound digital transition, driven by the convergence of cutting-edge technologies and the relentless pursuit of innovation. This transformation is reshaping traditional practices and propelling the sector into a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and unprecedented capabilities. Watch this engaging webinar recording with Stéphane Abadie from Sopra Steria as he shares insights on how Airbus Helicopters leverages the transformative potential of 3D Digital Twin, Data Exposition and Graph Technologies to accelerate its digital transition journey.

Operational Data Graph: An innovative approach to optimise IT operations

As IT environments become increasingly complex, managing more data, applications, and client interactions can be daunting. Cloud disruption has added to this complexity by generating more elements to manage with the same volume of resources. However, with the help of graph technology, IT management can be simplified and streamlined. Watch our webinar recording with Josep Tarruella, Co-Founder, GraphEverywhere, to learn how Graph Native Machine Learning techniques can be used to minimize service downtime, optimize data management, conduct impact analysis and even predict maintenance needs of services, applications and servers.

Neo4j: Building More Accurate GenAI Chatbots: A Technical Guide

Join us for this 45-minute technical session to learn how developers can use knowledge graphs for enhanced precision in GenAI app responses.

Neo4j: Optimize Supply Chain with Knowledge Graphs

Are your legacy data tools unable to keep up with changing demands and supply chain constraints? Explore how knowledge graphs map complex interdependencies, uncover hidden relationships, and identify lurking risks – so you can create a more resilient, agile supply chain.

Synergy between graphs and neural networks to understand IT systems behaviours: La Poste

Neo4j: Faster High-Value Fraud Detection Using Knowledge Graphs

Fraud and other types of financial crime, like money laundering, are on the rise. How can you save your company from the next attack? Join this 30-minute webinar to hear about a technology that has been proven invaluable in fighting fraud: knowledge graphs.

IA générative et graphes de Neo4j : créer une IA de confiance

La révolution de l’IA générative n’a d’égal que l’explosion de son adoption et de ses usages. Mais comment adopter les Large Language Models (LLMs) en toute confiance, comment éviter les hallucinations tout en renforçant la sécurité des données ? Nous verrons qu’une IA générative adaptée à votre organisation s’obtient en la couplant avec la base de données de graphes Neo4j. En capturant le contexte de vos données d'entreprise, les graphes de connaissances permettent aux systèmes d'IA de raisonner, de déduire et d'extraire des informations. Alimentez l'IA générative avec un graphe de connaissances Neo4j pour une précision et une explicabilité accrues, tout en maintenant les contrôles de confidentialité de l'entreprise. 3 aspects seront développés lors de cette présentation : L'IA générative adaptée à votre organisation : Alimenter les LLM avec les connaissances de l'entreprise Principaux cas d'utilisation des LLM et des graphes de connaissances Focus sur les partenariats étendus de Neo4j avec les fournisseurs de cloud d'IA générative Speaker: Nicolas Rouyer, Ingénieur Avant-Ventes, Neo4j

Floa - Transformation Data & Graph Analytics : industrialiser la détection de fraude en entreprise

Découvrez la présentation de FLOA, fintech bordelaise spécialisée dans le paiement et le crédit. FLOA partagera autour de la transformation Data opérée ces dernières années grâce aux technologies, tout en soulignant la nécessité des enjeux d'acculturation et d'organisation. FLOA dévoilera comment cette transformation et l'utilisation de la donnée ont permis de mieux appréhender la détection de fraude au travers de différents cas d'usage. FLOA mettra en lumière le cas particulier de la puissante technologie des graphes dans l'arsenal de la lutte contre la fraude en partageant leur retour d'expérience du projet mené par les équipes Fraude, Data et IT. Speakers: Sébastien Robert, Chief Data & AI Officer, Jean-Baptiste Boix, Head Of Fraud, & Romain Perbost, Data Project Manager - Floa

Neo4j: Boost Supply Chain Resilience with Graph Database and Analytics

To discover how to boost your supply chain resilience, join us for this 40 minute webinar where we walk through real-world examples from Ennoconn. A leading industrial device manufacturer, Ennoconn uses graph technology from Neo4j and Gemini Data to minimize overstock, control cash flow, and survive disruptions.

Neo4j: Unlock Responsible Innovation: Grounding Your LLM with Neo4j

The possibilities of Generative AI and LLMs are boundless – as long as the results are accurate and explainable. To learn how your organization can confidently adopt Generative AI, join us for this 45-minute fireside chat featuring Neo4j’s Dr. Jesús Barrasa and Nick Johnson, along with our special guests, Dr. Ali Arsanjani, Google Cloud and Geraldene Munsamy, Basecamp Research.

Neo4j: A Global Tour: 7 Business Breakthroughs with Graph

Could your data take your business further? Join us for a 30-minute tour to discover how seven enterprises around the world use Neo4j's graph technology to make breakthroughs in fraud prevention, supply chain optimization, pharmaceuticals, and more.

El camino hacia el éxito con los grafos, la ciencia de datos de grafos y la IA generativa

Descubre la plataforma de grafos Neo4j en detalle y su ecosistema centrado en la base de datos de grafos nativa Neo4j, incluyendo : Arquitectura de grafos nativa, el componente central de la plataforma Neo4j, y el lenguaje de consulta Cypher Cargas de trabajo híbridas (transaccionales Y analíticas), con Graph Data Science y extensiones de IA generativa Herramientas potentes y fáciles de usar para desarrolladores de aplicaciones basadas en grafos Integración en sus ecosistemas informáticos Seguridad de Neo4j, que lo convierte en una solución empresarial de confianza (encripración, SSO, VPC dedicados, control de acceso basado en funciones, certificaciones, etc.) Despliegue en la nube con la solución Neo4j Aura totalmente gestionada

La strada verso il successo con i database a grafo, la Graph Data Science e l'IA generativa

Scoprite in questo webinar la piattaforma a grafo Neo4j in dettaglio, e il suo ecosistema incentrato sul database a grafo nativo Neo4j che include : L'architettura a grafo nativa, il componente centrale della piattaforma Neo4j, e il linguaggio di interrogazione Cypher. Carichi di lavoro ibridi (transazionali e analitici), con estensioni alla graph data science e all'IA generativa Strumenti facili da usare per gli sviluppatori di applicazioni Integrazione nei vostri ecosistemi IT, con il connettore Spark,, il connettore Spark e il connettore BI Sicurezza in Neo4j, una soluzione aziendale affidabile (crittografia, SSO, VPC dedicati, controllo dell'accesso basato su ruoli, certificazioni, ecc.) Hosting on-premise e cloud con la soluzione Neo4j Aura completamente gestita

La voie du succès avec les bases de données de graphes, la Graph Data Science & GenAI

Découvrez dans ce webinaire la plateforme de graphes Neo4j de manière détaillée, et son écosystème centré sur la base de données de graphes native Neo4j comprenant : L’architecture de graphe native, composant-coeur de la plateforme Neo4j et le langage de requête Cypher Les workloads hybrides (transactionnels ET analytiques), avec les extensions graph data science et IA générative L’outillage riche et simple d’accès pour le développeur d’applications basées sur les graphes L’intégration dans vos écosystèmes IT, avec le connecteur Spark, le connecteur datawarehouse, le connecteur Spark et le connecteur Neo4j pour la BI La sécurité Neo4j qui en fait une solution entreprise de confiance (chiffrement, SSO, VPC dédiés, contrôle d’accès basé sur les rôles, certifications, …) L’hébergement on-premise et dans le cloud avec la solution entièrement infogérée Neo4j Aura

5 Signs You Need a Graph Database

Are you struggling to navigate your complex data using a traditional database? Join this 30-minute webinar to explore five common problems – and how you can solve them.

Why Graph Databases Belong in Your Enterprise Stack

Enterprises today face an ever-increasing set of tools for storing and managing data. But which ones deserve a spot in your toolbox, meeting your business needs while working within your existing ecosystem? Discover how graph databases fit the bill in this 30-minute webinar.

Neo4j: Getting Started With Knowledge Graphs: A Guide for Data Practitioners

Looking for a better way to reveal connections and extract insights from a vast sea of data? Join us for this 45-minute introductory webinar on knowledge graphs with Dr. Jesús Barrasa, our expert in semantic technologies. Dr. Barrasa will walk through the fundamentals of knowledge graphs and graph databases, design and implementation best practices, and real-world use cases.

Unlock the Power of Graph Thinking: Revolutionize Data Modeling & Processing for Next Level Insight

Think relational databases are your most effective tool for data modeling and processing? It’s time to revolutionize the way you think about your data. In this 45-minute webinar, learn how graph technology enables organizations to quickly model and unlock insights in vast, complex data – making breakthroughs in everything from cancer treatment to space exploration.

Introduzione a Neo4j

Probabilmente avrete sentito l’espressione: “I dati sono il nuovo petrolio”. Ma come si fa a dare un senso a questi dati e a capire come tutto è collegato? È qui che entra in gioco Neo4j, leader e pioniere nella tecnologia dei grafi. Unitevi a Marco Bessi, responsabile della prevendita di Neo4j, per un’esplorazione approfondita dei database a grafo. Scoprite come possono aiutarvi ad analizzare le strutture complesse dei vostri dati e le loro relazioni. Immergetevi nell’affascinante mondo dei dati connessi e imparate a sfruttare le nuove possibilità per ottimizzare i vostri progetti e le vostre decisioni. In questo webinar di 30 minuti imparerete: Cosa sono la tecnologia a grafo e Neo4j Come le aziende Fortune 100 stanno utilizzando la tecnologia a grafo per ottenere un vantaggio competitivo Come modellare, importare, esplorare e interrogare dati campione utilizzando Neo4j.

Introducción a Neo4j

-En este webinar de 30 minutos, aprenderás: - Qué es la tecnología de grafos y Neo4j - Cómo las empresas Fortune 100 están utilizando la tecnología de grafos para obtener una ventaja competitiva - Cómo modelar, importar, explorar y consultar datos utilizando Neo4j.

Introduction à Neo4j

Dans ce webinaire de 30 minutes, vous apprendrez : - Ce que sont la technologie des graphes et Neo4j - Comment les entreprises du Fortune 100 utilisent la technologie des graphes pour obtenir un avantage compétitif - Comment modéliser, importer, explorer et interroger un échantillon de données à l'aide de Neo4j.

Neo4j: Demystifying Graph Neural Networks

Join us for this 30-minute session to hear from Zach Blumenfeld, Neo4j’s Data Science Specialist, to learn the basics of Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) and how they can help you to improve predictions in your data.

Neo4j: Faster Data Insights with Graph on Azure

Neo4j AuraDB is now available on Microsoft Azure, enabling businesses to uncover hidden relationships across their data effortlessly – so they can solve their most pressing problems! Join us for a 45-minute webinar to explore the benefits you'll gain from pairing these two leading solutions, get a real-world demo, and more.

Neo4j: ChatGPT and Knowledge Graphs - what does this mean for organisations on the path to AI

Join our chat with Jim Webber, author and Chief Scientist at Neo4j to hear his perspective on the growth of Large Language Models (LLM) such as chatGPT and why you should combine them with a Knowledge Graph. Jim will use his experience of working at the fusion point of technology and business to provide some of his unique perspectives for organisations that are struggling to create insight from the huge amounts of data they create and will provide some of his thoughts on where this AI is going and what companies should be thinking about next!

Full Stack GraphQL Applications: Leveraging the Power of GraphQL

Join us for this 45-minute webinar to hear from William Lyon, author of Full Stack GraphQL Applications, as he shows you how to design, deploy, and maintain a GraphQL API from start to finish and take full advantage of GraphQL’s performance capabilities.

Graph & Telecom A Natural Match of Network and Connections

Telecommunications is all about connections. Graph databases are, therefore, an excellent fit for modeling, storing and querying telecommunications data of all kinds. Whether managing increasingly complex network structures, ever-more-diverse product lines and bundles, or customer satisfaction and retention in today’s competitive environments, graph databases enable businesses to become more agile by leveraging their connected data. Sopra Steria has developed an Intelligent Network Analysis tool (INA) that allows you to make complex root-cause and impact analyses, give recommendations for various use cases and simulate how certain changes would affect the network. In this webinar you will learn - how INA is architecturally built and what functions INA has - typical UseCases for Network-Planning, -Operations and –Engineering - how manual and automatic Simulations could bring benefit in the Telcom Domain - how Knowledge Graph and Digital Twin will support your business

Data Insights From Graph at Unbounded Scale With Neo4j

Join us for this webinar to find out how Neo4j Graph Database powers use cases ranging from network optimization and fraud prevention to supply chain and drug discovery. Hear from Neo4j experts about recent innovations in performance, scaling out, and cloud operations.

Knowledge Graphs Fuel Drug Discovery: How Astrazeneca Uses Neo4j Extended

Graph Data Science: Transforming How Data Scientists Power Their Analysis

Join us for this two-hour webinar to hear from graph data science experts and customers as they show you how to improve your models and make better predictions by analyzing the relationships found in your data.

Innovation en machine learning : des données connectées pour des prédictions plus efficaces

Session Tech Neo4j: Innovation en machine learning : des données connectées pour des prédictions plus efficaces. Une IA explicable, contextuelle et précise, des pipelines d’entraînement et d’exécution de modèles prédictifs industriels : voilà l’efficacité recherchée par les data scientists. La base de données de graphes Neo4j permet d’exploiter les relations entre les données et de lancer des flux de travail où les algorithmes de graphes calculent de nouvelles caractéristiques qui enrichissent les modèles prédictifs et donnent un sens nouveau aux données, quelles qu’elles soient. Nous constaterons cela sur le dataset de publications scientifiques CORA, bien connu dans l’écosystème de la data science : Neo4j et les graph embeddings y permettent de gagner 20 points de précision pour prédire la catégorie d’un papier de recherche. Nicolas Rouyer, Senior Pre-Sales, Neo4j

BNPP : utilisation d'une base de données graphes pour renforcer la lutte contre la fraude digitale

Neo4j x BNPP PF : utilisation d'une base de données de graphes pour renforcer la lutte contre la fraude digitale (Atelier Big Data Paris & AI 2022) Dans le cadre de la lutte contre la fraude, les connexions existant entre des dossiers de crédit peuvent constituer une source d'information à forte valeur ajoutée mais la multiplicité des points de contacts possibles peut rendre difficile leur traitement en temps réel. En s'appuyant sur la base de données de graphes Neo4j, BNPP PF a mis en place une solution combinant l'exploitation de ces connexions plus ou moins cachées et la performance d'algorithmes de machine learning pour renforcer son dispositif. Mehdi Barchouchi, Responsable Innovation Data & Outils – Direction des Risques France @BNP Paribas Personal Finance Edouard Tabary, Responsable innovation & data science - Centre de Scoring @BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Connected Data Series: From Digital Economy to Data Economy: The Evolution with Connected Data

As we adjust to the global changes brought on by the pandemic, the world is quickly becoming more digital. Nations across the globe are accelerating their efforts to transform along with the digital economy. The foundational layer of this digital revolution is connected data. Modern leaders realize that powerful graphs drive innovation and transformation. Join us to hear Dato’ Ng Wan Peng of Malaysia, Dr. Hamman Riza of Indonesia, and Mr. Howie Lau of Singapore as they discuss the power of connected data to help them lead the development of their respective nation’s digital agendas. At this must-attend event, you’ll learn how Indonesia EMAS 2045, Malaysia Digital, and Singapore Smart Nation implemented their aspirations.

Safeguard Your Data: Encryption, User Authentication, and More

In today's business world, data is everything. From customer information to financial records, businesses rely on data to make critical decisions and stay ahead of the competition. However, this data is also a valuable target for hackers and criminals. In this 45-minute webinar you’ll learn how Neo4j enables you to safeguard your most important asset, your data.

Cuando las relaciones importan: análisis con Neo4j y GDS

Accelerate Intelligent App Development with Neo4j and Google Vertex AI

Join us for this webinar designed specifically for data scientists and Cloud Architects to learn about Neo4j’s leading graph technology and Google Cloud Vertex AI to apply graph feature engineering to your own datasets. We’ll walk through just a few simple steps to deploy Neo4j and Vertex AI on Google Cloud to begin building a machine learning pipeline with a real-world dataset powered by Neo4j Graph Data Science to improve predictions in Google Cloud Vertex AI.

Quando le relazioni contano: analisi antifrode con Neo4j e GDS