What’s New in Neo4j Database 3.4

All Editions:

  • Writes are now up to 5x faster for nodes with indexed string properties, thanks to native string indexes.
  • A new kernel API streamlines internal instructions.
  • New supported data types include date/time format and 3D geospatial data, enabling optimized Cypher queries for searches across time or space. The 3D geospatial search understands both Cartesian Latitude and Longitude coordinates, as well as radial distances and altitude or depth.
  • Transaction states consume less memory thanks to various efficiency improvements (including native indexing) working together.
  • Internal testing shows that Cypher runtime is 20% faster than for Neo4j 3.3 (Community Edition).

Neo4j 3.4 Performance

Enterprise Edition:

  • Multi-Clustering dramatically extends Neo4j scaling options by allowing users to create and manage multiple cluster-based tenants, where each operates within its own scalable Causal Cluster. With Multi-Clustering, users can logically partition graphs or oversee multiple graph database implementations across the enterprise.
  • New Cypher runtime in Enterprise Edition is 50-70% faster than Neo4j 3.3.
  • Hot backups are now twice as fast and are both stoppable and resumable.
  • After restart or restore, active cache warming now automatically warms the page cache to its previous operational state, getting servers back online in record time.
  • A new diagnostic utility improves the speed and accuracy of collaboration support cases.
  • Rolling upgrades allow for updating older instances while keeping other members stable and without requiring a restart of the environment.
  • Administrators can now implement property security by name, blacklisting properties for users.