What’s New in Neo4j 3.5

All Editions:

  • Full-text indexing and search allows you to quickly navigate your graph using searches for text in labels, relationship types and property values
  • A new Bolt driver officially supports the Go programming language
  • The new Seabolt framework allows authors to create Bolt drivers for new languages based upon C
  • Expanded native indexing speeds up data insertion up to 5x for all data types (including spatial, temporal and Boolean values)
  • Heavy write loads are easier to manage with a new off-heap transaction memory subsystem
  • Dramatic performance improvements to the sorting of result sets with index-backed ORDER BY queries in Cypher

Enterprise Edition

  • 100% of intra-cluster traffic is now encrypted for multi-data center cloud applications
  • The database is more secure from brute-force attacks with new authentication settings
  • A X.509 standard Common Name certificate enables stronger verification for cloud deployments where IP addresses and hostnames frequently change

Introducing Neo4j Bloom

The Neo4j Graph Platform is growing: Data discovery and visualization are easier than ever with the addition of Neo4j Bloom, and with Neo4j 3.4, the core graph database now supports Multi-Clustering, new data types and stronger admin tooling.

The Neo4j Graph Platform

Neo4j Graph Platform with 3.4 and Neo4j Bloom

What's New in Neo4j Bloom

Neo4j Bloom helps traditional Neo4j users communicate with their non-technical peers and executives in a simple manner. Bloom reveals and explains the concepts of data connectedness for people who may not naturally think that way.

Neo4j Bloom

Neo4j Bloom gives users the ability to:

  • Inspect the animated graph by panning and zooming across the visible domain
  • Snapshot scenes using a screen capture tool and paste to publish
  • Select a node and toggle to understand properties and adjacent nodes based on its relationships
  • Edit nodes, relationships and properties
  • Pick a template and view the metadata perspective of that template against their data
  • Initiate queries within the search box based on suggestions and template phrases

Prerequisites: Neo4j Bloom requires access to a running instance of Neo4j Enterprise Edition (local or networked) as well as a Bloom license attached to that server instance.

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