What’s New in Neo4j 4.0

All Editions:

  • Internal metadata repository “system” database
  • Cypher administration commands
  • Java, Javascript and .NET Reactive drivers with Server-to-Client flow control
  • Bolt protocol with keepalive signal
  • New index population algorithm for the native index provider
  • Transaction log folders to easily distribute I/O workload on multiple devices
  • A new neo4j:// scheme including bolt and routing protocol, available in all editions and installations
  • A new, experimental version of Spring Data Neo4j based on reactive drivers (SDN/RX)

Enterprise Edition

  • Multiple databases available at runtime in standalone and Causal Cluster installations
  • Schema-based security and Role Based Access Control
  • Role and user management capabilities
  • Sharding and federated access to databases with Neo4j Fabric
  • Memory constrain control for transactions

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