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This Week in Neo4j – Speaking Cypher, Stocks, Graphalue, Discover Aura, Wikidata, Gephi

Hello, everyone! I guess it’s time to start looking for old costumes in the closet. I’m going to be looking for a new one this year, and I think "Squid Game" might have an impact on customers this season. Anyway, this issue of Twin4j features Mike Oaten – an entrepreneur at... read more

Check out this week's #GraphCast featuring a video on algorithmic bias in AI

#GraphCast: Thinking About Algorithmic Bias in AI?

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last time, our Junior Editor, cool video on algorithmic bias in AI. It’s something we should all be thinking about because no matter what field you’re in, AI will... read more

Discover the data trends and challenges today that requires the power of knowledge graphs.

From Graph to Knowledge Graph: Data Trends and Challenges

Unleashing the power of knowledge is imperative for enterprises looking for a competitive edge. Everyone wants to capture knowledge, to connect everything that they know. However, turning data into knowledge is still very much an ongoing effort – though progress has been made, most data... read more

How PwC Germany Combats Money Laundering in Crypto Space with Neo4j

What Is the Financial Action Task Force? The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the leading actor in drafting effective guidelines and regulations to combat criminal activity within financial systems. Since the FATF was established, its recommendations have driven global legislation... read more

This Week in Neo4j –Twitch, Stackoverflow, Masterclass, Workshop

Hello, everyone! 🎃 Is it just me or is this month getting spookier and spookier by the day? I’m sure it’s just me, but it still doesn’t feel like I’m the only one who’s been spooked this month. At least not if you’ve been working at Twitch. 📺 Twitch made an... read more